Creativity Counts. It’s not just our name, it’s our mission. Develop the creative skills needed to achieve lifelong success.

Welcome to the heart of the Creativity for Kids® Creativity Comeback. We believe in the importance of developing creativity in children. Why? Because creativity is the foundation for moving us forward. It helps us innovate. It helps us create. And most importantly, creativity can solve the world’s problems.

Our Creativity Comeback began in 2013 with the introduction of an open-ended craft activity, the Creativity Can®. But really, when you look at our history, our Creativity Comeback originated in 1976 when Creativity for Kids was the first company to produce and market craft activity products.

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Small Creativity Cans, 1 (Really) BIG Creativity Can®, 6 New Themed Cans

Develop skills, exercise the brain, what’s not to love? Each small Creativity Can has the same craft components and no two creations are the same. How do we know this? We produced 60,000+ small Creativity Cans, gave them to kids and adults for FREE and just look at our gallery of photos.

We then developed the award-winning The BIG Creativity Can. It’s bigger than the original and filled with more materials such as air-dry clay!

And we didn’t stop there, we couldn’t. We were so inspired by the love from consumers and retailers that we developed 6 new Creativity Cans each concentrated on different themes: Art, Build, Critters, Motion, Music & Stories.

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Creativity for Kids Featured Products

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Creativity Craft of the Month – Pumpkin People


Pumpkin People   Introduction: Here’s a fun and creative way to carve and decorate your pumpkins – kind of like a pumpkin “snowman”! It utilizes more of the bounty of fall than just pumpkins, and is a great activity for the whole family! Even teens will want to make one these crazy characters. Quick Links: […]

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Free Creativity Cans

Non-profits, schools and community groups: complete our donation application for promotional-sized Creativity Cans.

Creativity: the simplest way to unlock the 5 senses


Creativity is cool. Simply put. It’s a special human trait that allows us to create, problem solve and discover. It’s something that we all possess and use differently. It exists deep within us. We have the option to uncover it, as though it were a natural resource buried inside our bodies. Some of us use […]

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Creativity is as important in education as literacy and we should treat it with the same status.

Sir Ken Robinson


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To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk

- Albert Einstein