Spooky Time: Halloween Kits for the Whole Family

Shrinky Dinks Halloween Tree

It is safe to say that children usually look forward to their favorite holidays for two reasons: treats and art projects. Halloween is one of the more unconventional of holidays we celebrate in the U.S. It has become a holiday dedicated to using the imagination, allowing people transform into whoever they want to be for a day. The incredible thing about kids is they don’t just look forward to one day out of the entire year to make-believe; they do it everyday. And when it comes to Halloween, as soon as October 1st hits they are ready for all of the tricks, treats and themed projects!

Creativity for Kids®, a company that produces creative activity projects for children of all ages, specializes in the creative tricks and treats department with fun, themed projects. The brand is owned by Faber-Castell®, founded in 1761 and one of the world’s largest manufactures of office and art supplies. Their mission is to “provide children with experiences that stimulate and encourage their natural creativity.” Creativity for Kids has created several stimulating and spooky Halloween themed activity kits waiting to be opened! These kits are designed for kids to create their personalized, one-of-a-kind Halloween decorations to fill their homes and classrooms with Halloween spirit.

Shrinky Dinks® Halloween Fun Kit
We have all seen a Christmas tree before, but what about a Halloween tree? The Shrinky Dinks Halloween Fun Kit allows children to create their very own, spooky Halloween tree and decorate it with ornaments made exclusively by them. The kit includes a small, sturdy black velvet tree and outlined drawings of some of our favorite, iconic Halloween images waiting to be colored and embellished. After the ornaments are decorated, it’s time to decorate the tree!

Creepy Bugs Window Art Kit
Creepy Bugs Window ArtSo we have the Halloween tree nicely decorated, now on to the windows! With the Creepy Bugs Window Art Kit, kids can make scary creatures to hang in the windows, perfect to give visitors a little scare! This kit includes plastic creatures, a pattern sheet and glow-in-the-dark window paints, along with petri dishes so the children feel like an actual entomologist (someone who studies creepy-crawly bugs).

Color and Glow Halloween Tattoo Kit
Not only can children decorate their homes, bedrooms and classrooms in new ways using these clever kits, but they can also decorate themselves with the Color and Glow Halloween Tattoo Kit. Many of us know that kids like to doodle on practically anything if they’re able to, even on themselves! This kit provides kids with 40+ tattoo transfers to choose from that are glow-in-the-dark, ghostly white and other color-in designs, along with a few washable tattoo markers. Kids are ecstatic to transform their bodies into terrorific Halloween works of art!

Creativity Cans
Decorating a pumpkin will always be a Halloween favorite for many kids. It’s exciting, artistic, and just like the Halloween trees, no two pumpkins are ever exactly alike.  The BIG Creativity Can®, is a big container filled with simple, colorful materials like pipe cleaners, air-dry clay, googly eyes, foam shapes, yarn and much more, can also be used to dress up a pumpkin! It’s a perfect alternative to carving a pumpkin when wanting to preserve a pumpkin for indoor décor. Kids have a blast using the objects from the cans and applying them to their pumpkins. Whether a child creates a bizarre monster, an alien space ship or Cinderella’s carriage, adults will instantly see a child’s creativity at it’s finest.

The humbling idea behind these Creativity for Kids activity projects is that they allow children to not only be imaginative, but also participate in crafts and activities alongside their best friends, siblings, babysitters, parents and guardians. They are able to make memories, make-believe and create. These kits are designed for kids age 6 to 96, so invite friends over for all of the creepy-crawly, glow-in-the-dark, spooky and of course, creative Halloween fun!

To purchase the kits online, or to find a retailer near you, visit http://www.fabercastell.com/creativity-for-kids/products.
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