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The Creativity Comeback Continues

In 2013, we successfully launched the Creativity Comeback. After distributing more than 80,000 free Creativity Cans and hosting Creativity Days in many cities, the response from parents was truly amazing.

Parents loved the idea of open-ended creativity and many asked for more Creativity Cans for their children. Together, they submitted more than 1,000 photos online and inspired our team with their imaginations.

Phyllis Brody, Co-founder of Creativity for Kids

Phyllis Brody

Phyllis Brody is the co-founder of Creativity for Kids®, the brand that introduced America to a new toy category to promote childhood creativity nearly 40 years ago. Inspired by the power of the creativity they saw when they volunteered in their children’s first grade class, Phyllis and her partner had a dream of providing such opportunities for all children. They began with 3 burlap bags filled with simple craft materials and an idea book with a message to parents about the importance of creativity.

Their team built Creativity for Kids® into an award-winning leader and innovator in the creative play category. Since 1976, the company has developed more than a thousand different products.

In 1999, Creativity for Kids® was acquired by Faber-Castell®, a 254 year old global company based in Germany, making quality products for creative expression including writing instruments and art materials for all ages.

In the past Phyllis has served as co-president and CEO of Creativity for Kids© and was responsible for marketing and product development, working with large retailers and hundreds of independent toy and book stores. Her current responsibilities include a key role in developing and expanding the Creativity Movement via the Creativity Can® to promote conversation and awareness of the vital importance of creativity.

Phyllis is an artist, educator, social worker and one of the originators of the Cleveland Children’s Museum. She holds a BA in Psychology from Brooklyn College and a Masters in Social Work from Case Western Reserve University.


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